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Brock & Duntov - service rates

At Brock & Duntov we operate a sliding commission scale that is the same for buyers and sellers, but we only act for one side in any deal and our principal pays our fee, which is dependent on our success.

Latest update: 1st January 2018

Brokerage services

- Vehicle value up to €750,000, we charge a 10% commission, with a minimum fee of €5,000 per motor car.

- From €750,000 to €2,000,000, we charge a 6% commission.

- Above € 2,000,000, we charge a 3.5% commission.


Dutch VAT of 21% applies on our fees for clients from The Netherlands. Should sellers prefer, we are open to 'Net Return' mandates where the seller and Brock & Duntov agree upon a fixed figure to be returned to the seller, and Brock & Duntov is at liberty to retain any excess amount as its remuneration. Should buyers prefer, we are open to representation mandates where our fee is a share of the discount negotiated with the seller. Auction representation fees are agreed on an individual basis. Please ask if you'd like a proposal.

Transaction handling

In case we are representing the buyer or seller in the financial transactions we charge a 2% (+21% VAT) transaction handling fee over the value of the transaction.


Shipment handling

For the import and export handling of vehicles we charge a €350 - (+ 21% VAT) documentation & coordination fee per shipment.

Daily retainer

€1500 - (+ 21% VAT)  

This puts us at your complete disposal for a day (normally 9am-6pm) and entitles you to expert advice that includes guidance on buying, pricing, provenance, authenticity, marketing and different options for selling. We are able to travel with you to international locations to view and inspect motor cars & vehicles of your choosing. Travel costs, if applicable, are excluded. 

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