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Brock & Duntov: Collector Car Passion & Expertise


Welcome to Brock & Duntov — benefit from passion & expertise for the world's most desired classic cars & young-timers

On 1st of June 2016, after spending the last 16 years of my corporate career trotting the globe and supporting corporations with realizing their international expansion strategies, my heart and mind decided to start building a business around my true passion - motor cars. I started my independent 'boutique' advisory firm for motor car collectors around the world - Brock & Duntov Collector Car Broker & Specialist was born.

Like my corporate clients entrust me with executing their international business expansion, I aim to gain Your trust in supporting you in finding your 'collector car' or with expanding your 'car collection'. 

I believe at Brock & Duntov myself and associates offer a unique array of facilities to aspiring and experienced collectors alike. Our website provides an overview of our services, showing how we might help you and which cars & motorcycles we have in our portfolio; please feel free to contact us here in The Netherlands, whatever your requirements. 

Beautiful motor cars are a lifelong passion and through our enthusiasm and experience we strive to add value to everything we do.

We look forward to welcome you at Brock & Duntov and share with you our 'true' passion & expertise!

Michael Westenberg


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